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I've had some people asking about my stand on issues so thought Id post the Questions and my answers.

It started with a 1 minute opening Questions with 1 minute time limit for answers, and a 2 minute close. Its a very long read but if u want to know where i stand on these issues its here -- U may not agree with them but u cannot say i ever avoided answering them -- some did.

Opened with i was running as an independent and had no party affiliation - I think congress is worried more about party politics than the issues that face the people of their district. Then 3 promises:

1.--Never accept any contributions from political party, no large contribution from industry

2.-- I will spend 95% of my time working for the people of the first district.

3.-- I will never accept any gift of any kind from lobbyist, including campaign contributions.

Q.1 What would I do about the concerns of my district about education. -- I blew that one -- didnt hear the education part and began with flooding and we were flood prone -- I was interrupted and had to finish about education.

If i had it to do over I would say, Education is a state issue, as states begin feeling the depressed economy they have 2 choices -- increase revenue and decrease spending -- or decrease spending - that usually means big cuts to the education system -- any state who's governor has higher political aspirations wants to say "I balanced my states budget without raising taxes" Federal funding has been given to states (some more than others) to help fill the shortfall in the passed years but that is drying up and states' education systems will begin feeling the crunch. States cant print money.

Q2 -- Where did i stand on the Dream Act?

I support the dream act -- I cannot see sending kids who have been here for most of their lives back to a country they know little about, at some point as Americans we need to set politics aside and do what is right in the eyes of God.

Q3-- Where did i stand on Global Warming:

Global warming is no longer science, it has been turned into political science -- when political parties take sides on any issue, the science is distorted. But I have no problem lowering our carbon foot print. I would like to see us move to Natural gas as a fuel source for 18 wheelers-- Cummings, Detroit diesel , Caterpillar and others all have big rig engines that can run 18 wheelers -- we need to expand range per fill-up and perhaps tax incentives for fueling stations along interstate systems but it would be good for America and Nat gas is Nat Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

Q4 -- Did I think oil companies should continue to get tax breaks and tax incentives?

No, The US Economy is in the tank -- we need to increase revenues. The Tax incentives were good when they were made for deepwater drilling, it was experimental and they had no guarantee they could make a profit producing offshore oil. Today with record profits they no longer need the incentive to drill offshore. today deepwater drilling is safe (snickering in the crowd) -- I reiterated, Deepwater drilling IS safe -- BP was an exception and was Greed and arrogance, but over all deepwater drilling is safe. Not only remove tax incentives for oil and corn and a few others.

Q5 -- With America's dependence on oil what can we do to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?

Natural gas, We can turn a few valve offshore and have natural oil for over 100 years. America has an abundance of nat gas and we do not use it -- clean burning etc.( having already talked about the engines I turned to the damage from canals that producing oil for the nation has caused Louisiana) It didnt look like wetlands would come up in the questions.

Q6 --- Where did i stand on Obama Care?

I do not support it for two reasons --- 1. we still dont know how much it will cost and this country cannot afford any more large debts. 2. I have talked to many doctors and none have supported it -- today doctors get paid very little from medicare and usually do not get paid enough to cover their cost.

Closed with: I am running as an independent -- this country is in trouble financially -- political party objectives are what put us in this situation -- we have a 16 trillion dollar debt and climbing - we are printing money' 1.5 trillion since 08 another half trillion by the end of the year -- The US Credit rating has been downgraded 3 times in the last year. we went from AAA to AA- in one year -- The US has never had less than a AAA credit rating -- they stated the first downgrade was because congress could not get a handle on the debt the next were because we started printing money again.

They say they want to cut our way out of this mess, If the US spending was cut to zero it would take 8 years to pay off our debt. we need to decrease spending and increase revenues - I would be in favor of changing the tax code to a federal sales tax and eliminate the income tax -- however we do it we need to decrease spending, increase revenues and have a solid plan to reduce the debt.

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