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Text of WSOC-TV speech on Oct. 7

Location: Unknown

Hi, I'm Joyce Knott, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District 5 in South Carolina.

I'm a small businesswoman, born and raised in South Carolina. I'm not a politician. But I have deep respect for our Democracy. So I felt spurred to action when I saw Washington becoming an entrenched partisan battleground just when we needed to come together and take decisive action to get our economy moving.

People are still hurting. But the politicians are too busy scoring points and playing games to understand that.

I've witnessed the voices of American citizens being wiped out by an avalanche of Super-Pac money.

I've seen congressmen put their narrow ideologies ahead of the needs of their constituents.

When it looked like no one else would stand up for the people of South Carolina, I took a huge leap:

I decided to run for congress so I could speak up for Americans who can't afford their own lobbyist or Super-Pac.

Since then, I've been all over South Carolina's fifth congressional district--from Ft. Mill to Bishopsville. I've attended Peach festivals, Fourth of July celebrations, and county fairs. I've spoken with Chambers of commerce and Women's Councils.

I've met with citizens every day. I've enjoyed hearing about the issues that matter to you.

I've heard from seniors who say they don't WANT Medicare turned into a complicated voucher system. If elected, I'll fight to preserve Medicare and shore it up.

I've heard from returning soldiers and active military personnel who are wondering what lies ahead for them. As a former Army wife who lived on military bases both here and abroad, I'm grateful and humbled by those who sacrifice to protect our nation. If elected, I'll protect Veterans' benefits. I'll support a Veteran's Jobs Bill like the one blocked by Senate Republicans in September. And I'll speak up about bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.

I've heard from people in our beautiful rural communities who feel ignored by our political system. I won't forget the people in places like Winnsboro and Gaffney. If I'm elected, you can bet you haven't seen the last of me. I'll come back regularly to hear how things are going in YOUR county.

I've heard from young people who just want the same chances their parents had in life. It's time we as a country make education our most important project. Education keeps our economy globally competitive AND makes the American Dream possible.

More than anything else, I've heard from working families everywhere who feel their American dream is slipping away.

I know what it's like to go to work every day to make a better life for my family.

I believe hard work should pay off. But things have changed in America. It seems like the middle class is falling further and further behind.

The nonsense about tax cuts for the wealthy creating jobs is getting old. History has proven that trickle-down economics doesn't work. It's a fairy tale. It's a joke and the joke is on us. Rather than investing in America, the wealthiest 1% stashed their tax breaks in offshore accounts---- then they shipped our jobs overseas.

I will work tirelessly to bring jobs back to Main Street and to grow our economy.

It's time for our tax code to reward companies that keep jobs in America.

And it's time for Washington to prioritize the middle class. Working people are the heart of our economy AND our democracy.

If elected, I'll carry out my duties with the thoughtfulness and dignity the people of South Carolina deserve.

Because in the end, what will matter when I'm representing you in Washington will be how I make my decisions. Gridlock happens when politicians pay more attention to philosophies than practicalities or are more loyal to their big donors than they are to their constituents.

I'll make my decisions based on reason, evidence, and the needs of South Carolina--not narrow ideology.

My loyalty will be to you alone.

This year, congressional approval ratings reached a new low. And it's no wonder when the two sides sometimes act more like squabbling children than people who ought to be working together to address the serious challenges facing our nation. If elected, I'll have to reach across the aisle from time to time. The American people expect their congress to get things done.

I'm asking for your vote so we can start getting things done.

I may not have a mountain of campaign cash, but I know what's what and what's right and I will represent YOU.

Thank you

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