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Create New, Good Paying Jobs for Northern Kentucky

As our state Representative, Diane St. Onge will always look for ways to take bold moves to give local business leaders the tools they need to prosper and grow jobs. Most importantly, we can count on Diane to promote and protect free market principles in Frankfort.

Decrease the Tax Burden on Families and Cut Taxes on Small Business

Diane St. Onge will not shy away from lowering taxes. Now more than ever the General Assembly must consider tax reform that recognizes we are in the 21st Century and Diane St. Onge will stand up for working families and small businesses in her district when reform efforts start.

Opposes Government-Run Health Care

Diane understands that government is NOT the solution to our health care system. As state Representative, Diane St. Onge will vote against any resolution or piece of legislation that would support a government-run health care system in Kentucky.

100% Pro Life and Will Defend the Unborn

Diane St. Onge is 100% PRO-LIFE. She will be a defender of the unborn and will support Pro-Life legislation as our state Representative.

Fight for Open and Honest Government

As our state Representative, Diane St. Onge will consistently support and sponsor legislation that makes it easier for citizens to examine and question our government. Diane understands that if we are to have accountable government we need transparent government.

Advocate for Pension Reform

Kentucky's public pension system is not sustainable. As state Representative, Diane St. Onge will be on the front lines to create and pass true pension reform. Diane will work for a 401 (k) style system similar to one found in the private sector and current and retired state workers would stay in the current system.

Streamlined & Limited Government is Better Government

Diane St. Onge is convinced that state government has grown too large and cumbersome to be effective or useful to working Kentucky families. Diane St. Onge will dig into state government's vast rules and regulations to expose waste and abuses. She will also work to change a culture of cynical apathy and bring back the reason for choosing public careers…service to others.

Will Stand Up for 2nd Amendment Rights

Diane St. Onge is 100% Pro-2nd Amendment and will fight for our right to bear arms. No excuses, no exceptions.

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