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Issue Position: Death Tax

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I oppose the death tax. I especially oppose the death tax on estates under $20 million. The first reason for opposing the death tax is fundamental fairness. People who have paid their fair share of taxes their whole lives should not be taxed again.

The second reason for opposing the death tax is that it is fundamentally changing our society. The family farm and the family business are on the endangered species list and in danger of extinction. They are being replaced by the large corporate farm and large corporate businesses in which the principals never die and therefore never pay a death tax. The family farm and family business are generally being forcibly sold or incurring huge debt after the second or third generation to pay tax obligations. That not only affects those families, but the communities where they exist and of course their employees.

If we want our only job and shopping opportunities to be only with large corporations then this is a road we might want to continue to travel. If we believe the family farm and the local family business is an essential part of the fabric of local communities and of America we must stop the death tax from destroying these institutions now. The power to tax is the power to destroy.

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