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Doheny For Congress Releases Sixth Television Ad


Location: Ballston Spa, NY

The Doheny For Congress campaign today released "Like Flipping A Coin," a 30-second television spot highlighting Democrat Bill Owens' flip-flops.

"This district needs a congressman who is consistent and trustworthy -- and my opponent has failed his constituents on both counts," said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate. "He claims to care about small business, but won't help reduce the regulations that business owners cite as one of their biggest hurdles to growth. He claims to support an "all of the above' energy plan, but voted against a bill that could help ease the pinch at the pump. And his vote for ObamaCare is causing medical device manufacturers to cut jobs and ship others to Mexico and overseas."

"Simply put, you never know what you're going to get with Bill Owens. And that's bad for business," said Doheny. "I've been consistent in my support for making Congress more accountable for the regulations coming out of Washington. I've supported an energy policy that encourages exploration, while cutting out corporate welfare. And I've opposed ObamaCare from the start because of its job-killing taxes. If you want a congressman that tells you what he's going to do and then does it, then you want me."

The script is as follows:

"Bill Owens is like flipping a coin. Says he's wants to reduce regulations, but votes no to the most important regulatory relief bill in generations. Claims he wants lower gas prices, but says no to an energy policy that would bring real relief at the gas pump. Says he wants to protect jobs, but votes to increase taxes on local manufacturers likely driving jobs overseas. Bill Owens. We can't afford both sides of his coin."

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