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Issue Position: Culture & Liberty

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My daughter Katie was diagnosed with a severe heart defect before she was born. Doctors suggested we consider terminating the pregnancy. My wife and I chose life. Katie has endured four open heart surgeries and is now a bright, happy first grade student who does ballet, plays tennis and spends hours playing with her sister and brothers and inspiring her mother and father. During Katie's fight for life, we spent countless days and nights in the intensive care unit and saw families doing all they could to keep their child alive. I understand how precious life is and as a result I am pro-life.

Marriage is an institution that has served civilization well for all of recorded human history. We should not fundamentally alter the definition of this institution merely because well-funded, politically correct special interest groups led by self-important celebrities want to do so. I support traditional marriage.

Religious liberty is one of the rights explicitly enshrined in our Bill of Rights by the Founders. I will oppose any attempt by the local, state or federal government to abridge the freedom of religion and force religious intuitions or individuals to violate their conscience.
I believe in the Right to Bear Arms and understand that The Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects an individual right to possess a firearm.

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