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Issue Position: As Your Representative, Dan Fisher Will

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

*Help return OK and America to our founding principles.
*Insure we are governed by the U.S. and Oklahoma constitutions -- not international law.
*Make certain that every legitimate bill gets a hearing by its appropriate committee in our legislature.
*Reign in runaway government spending that is saddling our children with crippling debt.
*Fight to reduce job-killing taxes and overbearing government regulation.
*Block Obamacare from becoming law in Oklahoma.
*Stop the invasion of illegal immigrants into Oklahoma.
*Fight to end the murder of the unborn.
*Defend traditional marriage.
*Take education from bureaucrats and return it to parents.

Dan Agrees With Our Founding Fathers
Second Amendment Rights

Dan agrees with the founders of our Constitution that our right to bear arms is given by God & guaranteed by the Constitution. Dan has and always will fight those who try to strip our second amendment rights away.

Dan Believes Life Is A Gift From God

As a pastor, Dan believes life begins at conception & is 100% pro-life. Dan believes life is a gift from God & will fight to ensure the protection of life for the unborn, as well as, the elderly.

Old Testament View of Economic Responsibility

Dan follows the Old Testament view that "a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children…". Dan feels that our politicians have saddled our children with crippling debt & that it is immoral to do so. He sees that even our own state has increased government spending tremendously over the last few years. Dan will work to lower government spending which will result in lower taxes.

Traditional Family Values

Dan believes & lives traditional family values. Dan & his wife, Pam, have been married 30 years. They have two children: Rebekah (age 19) & Jacob (age 24). The family recently welcomed a blessed addition to their family with the marriage of Jacob to his new wife, Brittany.

Improve Healthcare

Putting politicians and bureaucrats in charge of healthcare through government takeovers like Obamacare is a colossal mistake. I favor market-based solutions that promote consumer choice. Like any industry, free markets and competition in healthcare will create better outcomes at lower cost.

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