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Issue Position: Ending Partisan Gridlock

Issue Position

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Oklahomans are tired of the divisive and petty fights at the State Capitol. We need real leadership on the issues that matter. Common sense pragmatism and careful consideration should be the rule of the day and legislators should never be beholden to partisan games or lobbyists. As State Representative, David Perryman will serve as a voice of reason in the House.

Despite the disappointing state of politics today, David is confident that positive change can happen with the right leadership:

"My wife and I hope to meet each voter in District 56 and assure them that despite the current temperament at the state capitol, we believe that politics in Oklahoma does not have to be vicious and lacking in civility. I promise that if elected, every vote that I cast will be for the "common good" of the people of District 56."

District 56 needs a voice in the legislature that will stand up for what is right -- not what party leaders or special interest groups want. In his announcement, David went on to say that:

""Oklahoma government has deteriorated to a point where every issue is divisive along partisan lines, causing gridlock and endangering our future. The people of Oklahoma deserve better. I pledge that my votes in office will not be dictated by partisanship or lobbyists, but to achieve this goal, I need the voters of District 56 to stand with me and say, "enough is enough'. We can no longer tolerate the destruction of our educational system, the decimation of our communities and the exportation of our jobs."

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