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Rockefeller Statement on Deficit Reduction Effort


Location: Washington, DC

Sen. Jay Rockefeller issued the following statement today about the ongoing deficit reduction talks:

"This week Senator Chuck Schumer spoke out forcefully against any tax or deficit deal that is unfairly skewed toward the wealthy, and I applaud his honesty.

"We're hearing more and more about proposals that pretend to raise revenues but really just shift money around among people at the top who already have plenty, and then in the name of deficit reduction those same proposals turn around and slash programs that working families depend on.

"It's not mathematically possible to let the very wealthy pay even less and reduce the deficit at the same time without seriously harming middle and lower income families. The numbers just don't add up, and the people who are working hardest to get ahead or stay afloat will end up being squeezed yet again.

"The quickest and most fair path to a bipartisan deal, this year or next, is to ask everyone to pay their fair share, eliminate tax loopholes, and set aside that revenue for deficit reduction."

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