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Issue Position: Defense Spending

Issue Position

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Among the first obligations of the federal government is national security without which there is no freedom. Indiscriminate budget cuts in defense spending are planned in an irresponsible congressional "sequestration" deal. Our congressmen place re-election self ambition ahead of national security and the safety of our troops. Discussion of reducing our military spending will embolden our enemies and place our heroes in the field at risk. Only after peace is won should we discuss any reduction in our military funding. Future discussion of military expense should be tied to defining the scope of our military mission, requirements for defense and security, and our national priorities. We may find increase of spending necessary. Our primary military responsibility now should be a swift and decisive victory in Afghanistan.

Congressmen receive campaign contributions from defense industries who may not have interest in a swift victory. Congressmen authorize purchase of military supplies and equipment. Objective evaluation of the military budget cannot occur under this conflict of interest and invites waste and prolonged wars. When we allow the corrupting influence of money , given by the defense industry, to influence our congressmen we fail to keep faith with our soldiers and with the commitments to freedom and liberty that we share. Only by protecting our military from this conflict of interest and protecting the integrity of the military funding process can we do honor to the risk and sacrifice of our military and military families. Patriotism and good citizenship require that we vote for candidates who are not compromised by campaign contributions. I accept no campaign contributions and spend none of my own money on a campaign so that when I serve in congress , I can do honorable service to provide funding for the military with no compromise and no conflict of interest .

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