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Issue Position: Tax Reform

Issue Position

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Start over. The current high tax rates impose a burden on the economy through a tax code so voluminous and complex that it is incomprehensible even to its own Congressional authors. No taxpayer can consent to, nor should be required to pay, a tax that the average citizen cannot read and understand. With its Constitutional power to "lay and collect taxes" Congress should reform tax policy with an uncomplicated easy to understand tax that can be applied uniformly and will promote economic growth. It is unlikely this could be accomplished with revision of our current tax code. Simply tinkering with it gave us "Taxameggedon". Reform could be accomplished with either a "Flat Tax" or a "Value Added Tax". But we must be cautious to not allow a new tax, like a national sales tax , be added to an income based tax as this would only multiply opportunities for abuse and overtaxing.
The Flat Tax or the Value Added Tax could replace the current code as an economically sound tax reduction encouraging investment (and saving), promoting economic growth, and encouraging productivity, commerce, and creation of jobs. More jobs means more taxpayers. The consent of the governed is required for the "just power" to govern and to (reform) tax. Campaign contributions allow influence and favoritism in the tax code to be bought and sold. This compromises and undermines the legitimacy of our representation. When our representation is not legitimate, consent is not valid and the result is taxation without representation. Good citizenship requires we restore legitimate representation with our votes. I am uniquely qualified. I accept no campaign contributions and I spend none of my own money in the campaign so when I serve, I can advocate and vote on your behalf for tax reform policy that will bear your valid consent.

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