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Issue Position: National Energy Policy, and Louisiana

Issue Position

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Forty years of national "policy" has promised and failed to achieve affordable "energy independence" because of misguided emphasis on reducing consumption. Energy policy has overlooked our vast known reserves in the U.S. of accessible oil, gas and coal. Congress can improve our national energy policy by changing focus from "how can we use less?" to "how do we produce more?"

Congress must remove obstacles to exploration and production found in government "energy policy". Much of our known undeveloped oil and gas resource lies off our coast or rests in public lands that the federal government has made unavailable for natural resource development. These public lands can be made accessible by expanding lease opportunities to private industry whose ingenuity, technology and investment can accomplish exploration and production that will bring more energy to our domestic markets at lower prices. We can more than meet all of our domestic need and remain prudent and environmentally conscientious in managing these resources.

Current policy also imposes obstacles to energy development projects by requiring redundant applications, reviews and permit processes by multiple federal agencies, and by imposing heavy handed regulation that results in unnecessary moratoria and restrictions. Congress must improve policy with a simplified and efficient permit process. The Canadian system is a good model that has been described as "one project, one review, completed in a specific time period."

Congressmen have authority over energy policy yet are allowed to accept, and have come to expect, money from energy industry as campaign contributions. This creates conflict of interest that undermines good policy. I accept no campaign contributions and spend no money of my own on a campaign. I am uniquely qualified to serve in Congress with no conflict of interest and advocate on your behalf for good energy policy.

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