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Issue Position: The Budget and National Debt

Issue Position

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"Congress shall have the power...To borrow Money on the credit of the United States...." U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sect 8, Par 2.

The House of Representatives has been controlled by a "conservative" Republican majority elected in 2010 with a mandate for discipline on debt, budget and tax issues. They have failed and we are worse off than we were 2 years ago. To eliminate the debt, first, do not raise the debt limit again.

Second, manage the budget such that no further debt is incurred. This requires both reducing spending and increasing revenue. We can decrease spending by requiring of our Commander in Chief, a swift and decisive victory in Afghanistan. Starting with repeal of Obamacare we can eliminate multiple federal programs and bureaucracies. For Social Security we eliminate shortfalls by implementing The Barrilleaux Plan for a tax cut that provides well placed individual incentives and restores solvency.

To increase revenue we grow the economy by creating favorable conditions for commerce and industry by lowering taxes and eliminating stifling regulation. The oil and gas industry, for example, is ripe for job creation when government obstacles are removed. More jobs and commerce result in more taxpayers and more tax revenue.

Third and last, enjoy peace and prosperity, and never again allow our government to accumulate debt .

Otherwise, we will soon be spending more paying interest on the debt than on national security. If the federal budget were managed as well as politicians' re-election campaign funds, we would have no debt. We must remove the distractions of fund raising and campaign donations that compromise and corrupt government processes. I am uniquely qualified. I neither accept campaign donations nor spend my own money, and I will serve with no "campaign fund raising" distractions.

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