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Issue Position: Health Care Solutions (Obamacare)

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The simple fact of the matter is that socialized medicine does not work, and this is especially true for those who have travelled and lived overseas and experienced it firsthand. Yet, our current President and his administration have made a great push to remake our medical field in his image through the ObamaCare legislation that was passed.

Across Oklahoma, and even across the nation, the topic of ObamaCare is the number one concern for most people -- young and old alike. However, most people lay the blame solely at the feet of the democrats and President Obama. While it is true that they led the charge to force this upon us, most people do not realize that there are Republicans in the state of Oklahoma that have worked extensively with the Obama administration to enact ObamaCare in our state.

Back in 2010, the Oklahoma state legislature, led by several prominent Republican State Senators and House Members, created the Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange Trust. The OHIET, as it is called, is the key to implementing ObamaCare in Oklahoma and these Republicans created it knowing fully what they were doing.

In fact, they knew there would be such a public outcry that they snuck it through in the last week of session. They even submitted it under the title of "Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Act" and included it amongst a crammed agenda so that We the People wouldn't realize what they were doing.

President Obama even said in a recent interview that "even some of those (Republicans) who have filed suit, are behind the scenes working with us to prepare for a day when we have exchanges in these states."

While other candidates claim to be tough on the issue, I have been working with other grassroots leaders for over a year and leading the charge to stop ObamaCare and the OHIET in Oklahoma. As your next state senator, I have pledged to submit legislation repealing the Health Insurance Exchange to stop ObamaCare in its tracks before it gets forced upon the people of Oklahoma.

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