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* Better pay for teachers and an increase in youth programs
* Affordable Housing and foreclosure relief
* Economic Development & Small Businesses job creation
* Ensure Public Safety is restored to its essential role

I will be a champion for:

Better pay for teachers and an increase in youth programs

My highest priorities will be to support fair wages for teachers and encourage after school programs that aids in leadership and child development for students. With my background in education, I will bring strength to the decisions and bills passed at the house level. I will be able to articulate, first hand, the weakness and strengths of our education system, and craft legislation to bring Florida to the forefront of education. This would include finding the resources to bring back art, music, chorus, and other programs that foster the many talents the children of Florida have. Our current education system put too much of an emphasis on testing, and not enough on child development - I will support legislation that does that.

Affordable housing and foreclosure relief

I will support legislation that helps stop foreclosure in our communities. I will do this by supporting statewide infrastructure improvements to provide jobs and increase property values in our communities. My focus on job creation statewide would help to decrease unemployment and stabilize our communities.

Economic Development & Small Businesses job creation

90% of the small businesses in the US have 5 employees or less. I will support initiatives to help small businesses obtain loans and financial assistance. I will support a statewide initiative to enhance small businesses by assisting them in crafting business plans and proposals to obtain financing. This initiative would also show small business owners how to build business credit and improve personal credit though credit counseling programs statewide.

Ensure Public Safety is restored to its essential role

One of the most important roles of an elected official should be to ensure that our streets and communities are safe. As a legislator, I will support any legislation that ensures that our streets have the most well-informed and the most highly trained law enforcement officers. This includes: being trained in diverse situations, equipped with the best technology, equipment and innovative strategies to prevent and fight crimes. Just as the many brave men and women risk their lives every day, I will fight to make sure law enforcement officers receive fair pay and better financial security once they retire.

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