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Swearing In Ceremony of DLLR Secretary Leonard J. Howie III


Location: Annapolis, MD

Thank you all very, very much. To our Appointments Secretary Jeanne Hitchcock,… and our Secretary of State John McDonough -- it's good to be here with you as we swear in to service our State's new Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Before we begin, I want to recognize our family members who are here today. Thank you, Robynn, Lauren, Jordan, and Jillian. It's your love and support that makes it possible for your husband and father to commit so much of himself to hard working families throughout Maryland.

Former Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania once gave me two bits of great advice, and it's something I've remembered time and again. The first piece of advice was to make every decision as if you're not running for re-election. And the second was to make sure that you surround yourself with the best people you can possibly find.

I couldn't think of two better people to step up and serve our State in such a critical capacity than Interim Secretary Scott Jensen, and our incoming Secretary Leonard Howie.

You've chosen to dedicate your talents and your energy to make Maryland a better place to live and work -- defining through your actions the true meaning of public service.

To Deputy Secretary Scott Jensen, thank you for your work during this transition. From opening a regional workforce center,… to assisting families who are facing the threat of foreclosure,… and making progress towards our strategic goals with DLLR's Workforce Dashboard -- you stepped up when we needed you, and delivered results.

We're very glad that you will continue to serve the people of our State as our Deputy Secretary.

And as we thank Interim Secretary Jensen for his service and commitment, we look forward to the beginning of Secretary Howie's leadership.

Progress is a Choice

This day represents important progress toward our broader goals for creating jobs.

I don't have to remind anyone here that our strength in Maryland lies in our world class workforce,… which is powered by the resiliency, ingenuity, skills, and education of our people.

There is no progress without jobs,… and in this changing economy, our ability to pull from highly skilled, highly educated people with diverse perspectives is what can allow us to create Maryland's next wave of innovation, and therefore our next wave of job creation

Secretary Howie's partnership will be critical as we harness this tremendous potential we have in our State. He has spent much of his career connecting Maryland families with the jobs and skills they need to compete in this new economy.

In addition to his work at the Maryland Department of Human Resources, and the U.S. Department of Education, Mr. Howie has worked extensively in each of DLLR's core programs -- especially those related to Workforce Development and Adult Education

The most important job we create is the next one, and we look forward to working with Secretary Howie and Deputy Secretary Jensen as we make this progress together.


And so, without further delay, let's swear in our new Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

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