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Issue Position: Jobs & Economy

Issue Position

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Protecting existing jobs and promoting a business friendly environment to create new ones is a top priority of mine.

Sensible solutions for the economy

We all know that a healthy economy in our state depends on a vibrant job market. Washington's burdensome taxes and regulations get in the way of job creation, and all too often cause our employers to just hold on when they would rather be expanding. We need to look ahead and make Washington the best place in the World to locate a business for success.

We must foster a competitive economic climate that retains and attracts employers. I will remain focused on stabilizing our state economy and putting our people back to work. This means ensuring businesses stay in Washington, through free market principles. We must work to preserve every job in the state by supporting policies that help employers and opposing policies that would kill jobs.

Every idea that I will consider should answer one question: will it create private-sector jobs or will it kill them? Everyone wants quality schools, safe communities and to take care of our most vulnerable citizens. A stronger economy is how we pay for these things. I am committed to removing the barriers and complex government red tape thereby making our state attractive to companies all over the world considering locating in Washington.

Washington must be more conducive to job growth and opportunity. The proposals I support will help families prosper and improve our state's economic health. When businesses are doing well, people are working and revenue is generated to pay for public safety, schools and other important services.

GOALS to stimulate the economy, and job creation:

* Business & occupation tax reductions to help our struggling businesses.

* Further stimulate job creation by putting a freeze on new rules or regulations imposed by state agencies.

* Pass a balanced budget within current revenues without raising taxes. Out-of-control state spending has put taxpayers and small businesses at risk.

* Make permanent the Taxpayer Protection Act, requiring a two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes by passing a constitutional amendment.

Two-thirds in the House is 66 of the 98 members

Two-thirds in the Senate is 33 of the 49 members

* Require permits be granted or denied within 90 days. I support removing red tape from state agency permitting. Employers need certainty; foot-dragging at state agencies is unacceptable and costs employers money they could be using to hire employees.

* Reign in state regulations by requiring state agencies to determine whether compliance would have a specified economic impact on jobs and taxpayers before adopting a rule.

* Assess the impact that the Growth Management Act is having on rural communities and adjust to accommodate and protect property ownership rights.

* Ensure all taxes and fees have a clear and explicit basis in law.

"Our Government is in place to protect our rights and freedoms, not to protect us from them."~ Dan Griffey

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