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The Size of Government is directly related to the scope of its power over the people.

I love this quote -"You're born with all the rights you'll ever need. The government cannot give them; it can only take them away." ~anonymous.

Since we decide who the government is, we should have no problem retaining these rights, if we do our homework and elect those who truly represent us and not only themselves.

No one ever fears their own rights, they fear how others might use their rights and this is why the bigger the government the smaller the individual.

The size of our government also comes with a price tag. The more programs we start without a plan to fund them, the more people become reliant on them with no certainty that they will continue.

There is also considerable waste when dealing with an obese government structure. There is a tendency for the right hand to not know what the left hand is doing and sometimes they are doing the same thing.

Communication in the Government is critical but as you know if you ever played the game telephone as a kid, the message gets more distorted the more people it must pass through before it reaches its destination.

We need to streamline the Government. Citizens should be able to voice their concerns and opinions and offer their ideas without getting tangled in a web of bureaucracy.

Miscommunication, government red tape and needless waits have slowed down our economy, cost us jobs and kept new ideas from being heard.

As your Representative I will be there for you, listen and bring your ideas to the forefront. I hold no allegiance to anyone but those who I will represent. Together we can do better and we can get the 35th District headed in the right direction once again.

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