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Congressman Cantor Discusses The Sequester, Taxes, Libya On MSNBC & FOX


Location: Unknown

On Responsibly Preventing Defense Cuts In The Sequester. "We have always said that everything should be on the table, and I, for one, would never say you can defend every dollar and cent being spent at the Pentagon. But what we do know right now is the question before us is this looming sequester. And that has serious implications so far as our ability as Americans to be seeming a global power…Let's look at the mission we want our Defense Department to support, make sure the men and women in the field have what they need and our weapons systems are appropriate for the threat that we face today. That's the discussion that we're having at the policy level, and the spending has got to be commensurate with today's threat, not that of decades ago." MSNBC's Morning Joe

On Keeping Taxes Low For Small Business And Cutting Spending. "No question that this election is about taxes. We heard it last night and the Vice President continues to say one thing that they will absolutely do is raise taxes on small businesses. He did not deny the fact that that's what their plan is. I think you've just got to question, why is it that that's the answer right now when we have such a difficult economy? We need to all come together, but we've said as Republicans, help us fix the problem. We know what the problem is with the unfunded obligations at the federal level. It is the demographics of this country together with the increasing costs of health care entitlements. If you help us fix it, that means when you insist on raising taxes, at least you can tell those people who want to pay more taxes, that they are going to retire the debt." MSNBC's Morning Joe

The American People Deserve Answers On The Terrorist Attack In Libya. "I certainly hope there's more discussion about that, because you know Joe Biden was quick to roll the CIA under the bus. I think this is also reflective the relationship that the White House has had with the CIA. And it left the American people with more unanswered questions. The question is, why did the White House ignore the request for more security? How did all this happen in the first place? What is going on? Are we able to operate and secure our embassies?" FNC's Fox & Friends

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