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Issue Position: General State Government Policy

Issue Position

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Government is out of control at both the federal and state levels. It is time we, the People, take back control from the bureaucrats, career politicians and special interests and we should give the public at least forty-eight hours to read any legislative bill that raises taxes or spends tax dollars before it can be voted on.

Require all government agencies to justify all their spending, prior to a budget vote, before a legislative committee hearing that is open to the public and pass legislation that will require all state government agencies to put expenditures and contracts online in real time.

Enact legislation that would require a 3/5ths (60%) 'super' majority vote of both the Kentucky House and Senate that either raises taxes or spends tax dollars and establish term limits for ALL elected and appointed state officials.

Stop the partisanship and nonsense and use Common Sense for the Common Good.

More Government is NOT the Solution to our Problems More Government is generally THE Problem.

State Government Needs to Understand that YOU, the Voter, Are the Boss - NOT the Career Politicians, Special Interests or the Bureaucrats.

Fully support the 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms.

Support "Right To Life" and oppose any use of taxpayer dollars to provide abortions. State Government should again be a government OF the People, BY the people and FOR the People.

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