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Issue Position: Industry and Manufacturing

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Washington D.C.'s continued assault on Kentucky's manufacturing and industries has absolutely got to be stopped.

The EPA's seeming unmitigated power to harass and regulate coal, nuclear power generation, farming, aluminum production, gas and oil and agriculture just has be addressed by our U.S. Senators and Congressmen and our state government.

Serving previously as your state representative and as a former state Natural Resources & Environmental Protection deputy secretary and commissioner I have learned that we don't always have to do things or accept their mandates according to the EPA's heavy handed edicts.

Even with good regulations and rules, Washington's still uses extortion and coercion to force states to do their bidding - if you don't do this we will withhold your federal funds (by the way, it's your tax dollars you have paid into the federal government, they are withholding). Just like with drugs or alcohol - sometimes we should just say 'NO'.

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