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Issue Position: Now's Our Time...For Protecting the Environment

Issue Position

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New Mexico is blessed with abundant natural resources and some of the world's most spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Our spectacular natural beauty is a national treasure, and it's also an important part of our cultural heritage.

As your representative, I'll fight to protect our wilderness and wildlife to ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of New Mexico just as we do. I'll encourage investment in green energy and sustainable technologies like wind, solar and alternative fuels to protect New Mexico's environment while providing sustainable, high-paying jobs and business opportunities for all New Mexicans.

Getting our energy through wind, solar, and geothermal isn't just theoretical. There are companies and regular people working all over the country in these jobs right now. Green, sustainable energy is the future of New Mexico. (For a great short documentary on how the green energy economy is putting people to work right now, visit

We also need to be much smarter than we have been about future development. We need to be careful not to allow anxiety over the current crisis in the state and national economy to pressure us into haphazard development that we'll regret later. We need to develop our community and economy in a way that's genuinely sustainable, maintains our unique New Mexico way of life and protects our environment.

We can encourage sustainable development with strong green building practices that are specific to the needs of our community and that may be different from green building practices that work in other areas of the country. And in situations where homeowners would like to build green but can't afford to do so, we can explore the possibilities of working with local governments to reduce permitting fees for green projects, and to develop creative incentives that make green building affordable for all.

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