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Issue Position: Now's Our Time...For Ethics Reform

Issue Position

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New Mexico consistently ranks as one of the most corrupt states in the nation. We deserve better than this, and it needs to change if we're going to solve the problems we're facing.

We don't need an outdated and corrupt state government that serves special interests and the particular friends of elected officials at the expense of the well-being of all of us -- a government based on fear and intimidation, rather than on integrity and respect. As your representative, I'll treat everyone equally and help lead the growing demand for honesty and transparency in state government. Now's our time to stand up and demand a government that truly represents the people.

Now, it's true that (almost) every candidate running for office promises to clean up government, and offers vague assurances of "transparency" and "honesty." So let's get specific…

We can clean up our state government, but only if we do it together and across a broad spectrum of constituencies. That means we need a community -- including media outlets, nonprofit organizations, citizen activists and unions -- that is not afraid to speak out against corruption for fear of losing jobs, government contracts and state funding. We need honest elections in which every candidate who wants to run is encouraged to run, and in which every vote (and not a single vote more) is counted fairly and no one is turned away from the polls. And we need a state government in which people are hired because they can do the job, rather than as a favor to an elected official.

Cleaning up our government is a big job. And it all starts with electing honest people who won't use their political position as leverage to silence dissenting voices.

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