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Issue Position: Now's Our Time...For A Healty Economy & Good Jobs

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Of course, the biggest issue on most people's minds is fixing our economy. Here in New Mexico, jobs are harder and harder to come by, and it's tougher and tougher for people to feed their families, much less buy a home or send their kids to college. Meanwhile, Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs[sic] (and the politicians they own!) are getting wealthier.

The same situation exists here in New Mexico, where our politicians get wealthier off of sweetheart deals and cronyism while New Mexico continues to suffer.

At the national level, we need to fight corporate and Wall Street corruption. Here in New Mexico, we need to get rid of an outdated and unresponsive political system of pay-to-play schemes and sweetheart deals that have cost us and our children opportunities, money and jobs.

I think we all know that economic prosperity comes when good people can work at good jobs for good wages. As a local small business owner, I know firsthand what workers and small local businesses are up against in this recession. I'll prioritize creating jobs in our community by actively seeking out and sponsoring economic incentives for job creation and promoting forward-thinking "incubator" programs that help people launch their own businesses.

We also need to focus much more on "deep green" businesses that really create a sustainable economy and protect our environment. New Mexico is blessed with so much that we can use to stop carbon emissions and build our economy -- the sun, the wind, and let's not forget the enormous intellectual resources of the Los Alamos Labs -- that can be directed towards research supporting clean, renewable and responsible energy technologies.

Now's the time to change the outdated and ineffective machine-driven political system that keeps New Mexico from growing a healthy, sustainable economy, and to elect real people who will put real people ahead of corporate and political greed.

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