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Issue Position: Why I Am Running for Colorado House Representative District 54

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

In my best baritone political voice, I could tell you I'm running for the Colorado House of Representatives because I want to serve the people of this district, or because I have one, two or three issues I want to help solve to help make our lives better, or because I am passionate about the political and legislative processes our Founders adopted for this country - still the greatest Nation on Earth. But, while all of the above are true, it is not the core reason for my decision to run. My wife and I have together chosen to sacrifice our spare time and take a pay cut to run for this office because our country -and the State of Colorado along with it -are careening rapidly toward the cliff of socialism and the total erosion of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. I for one, want to be that servant of the people who, grasping the wheel of our collective vehicle, turns our direction from one of destruction to one of preservation. This preservation can be found in the Republican principles of individual responsibility, free market capitalism, limited government, fiscal responsibility and the committed safeguarding of our US Constitution.

I am indeed passionate about the representative form of government and the legislative process that was enacted by our Founding Fathers - a process I came to know and understand intimately through my work as an intern for former House District 54 Representative Matt Smith, and as a staff assistant to former Congressman Scott McInnis.

I believe strongly in the principle that a true leader is a servant of the people, not a master over them, and I will cling to that principle as your representative.

My wife, Rachael, and I are committed to public service. As a local police officer I have left the confines of my safe, comfortable home daily to advocate for the public peace and safety of our community. Now, in a new capacity, I am committed to bringing fresh, energetic leadership to the Colorado State Capitol to advocate for our conservative values on behalf of the Western Slope.

There is a great need for ethical leadership in Denver, a representative who does not distract and detract from the important tasks we have at hand for Colorado and the rest of America with sideshows of political grandstanding an renegade politicking. I pledge to always be committed to personal integrity and to the people of the Western Slope, their rural values and way of life.

It is clear that the people of House District 54, and indeed, all Americans are searching for leaders who will stand firm on their values and listen to the needs of the people rather than swapping their values for votes. I refuse to trade my core beliefs, moral integrity or Republican values for political expediency or convenience. It is wrong and it is damaging to Colorado. Period.

Having grown up in Western Colorado, I understand the industries that drive the economy of the region, the importance of water and transportation to agriculture and business and bringing goods to market, the significance of public safety and protecting our children from the evils of our society, the value of protecting the second amendment right from being eroded by any and all intrusion, the importance of education and Colorado Mesa University to the local economy and its citizens, and the substance of small business and allowing entrepreneurs to grow and thrive their businesses without having to slice through a tangle of red tape and over-regulation.

I will work tirelessly to bring sound, reasoned and experienced leadership based on this solid ideology and on personal integrity to the Capitol as a representative of the great people of this district, but I can't do it without your help. I would be honored to have your support and vote at the House District 54 Assembly on March 31! And if your so inclined, please make a donation right here from the website! All great endeavors take some money to make things happen and this campaign is no exception.

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