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Jenkins Wins Debate by Talking About Solutions

Press Release

Location: Eudora, KS

Sunday afternoon Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and her opponent Tobias Schlingensiepen participated in a Candidate Forum in Eudora. KS hosted by the Eudora Reporter Newspaper. A crowd of roughly 50 people listened to the two candidates and asked questions on a variety of issues regarding Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and single payer healthcare systems.

In the opening statement, Congresswoman Jenkins remarked, "my opponent believes that the government can solve our problems and I believe that many times the government is our problem. The genius of America does not lie in Washington D.C., it lies in places like Eudora, KS."

When the issue of single payer healthcare was asked, Tobias Schlingensiepen reiterated his previous position that following the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he thinks it is only logical that we move to a single payer system, but politics at this moment prevent this from happening.

Later on when the candidates were providing their solutions to the Medicare issue, Tobias Schlingensiepen referenced additional physical education classes for children as a possible solution to addressing our Medicare crisis.

Congresswoman Jenkins responded to these questions by reiterating her vote against Obamacare and referenced that she voted for a bipartisan bill that helps save Medicare for current and future seniors.

The two candidates will debate again in Topeka on Tuesday, October 2nd.

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