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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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Job Creation: It's simple. We need jobs. Unemployment in Mecklenburg County is almost 2 percent higher than the national average and this has to change. Government must do what it can to foster job creation, whether that means removing unnecessary restraints and regulations on businesses, cutting burdensome taxes, or providing reasonable incentives to attract businesses to locate in North Carolina.

Tax & Spending Cuts: As NC Speaker of the House Thom Tillis says, we need to "cut, cut and cut some more"! With the highest tax rates in the southeast, no wonder we're struggling. We must do what is necessary to cut taxes where we can and spend within our means. It's what we do as individuals, so we should expect nothing less from our government. I support zero-based budgeting and believe that limited and responsible government is paramount to fostering economic growth.

Free-Enterprise: From the inception of this great Nation, we know that our economy thrives best when entrepreneurs and businesses alike are given the freedom and opportunity to thrive themselves. As General Counsel for an executive recruiting firm (and as a former government affairs attorney), I know what businesses need from state government: they need statutory and regulatory programs that keep the government out of business to the greatest extent possible and allow businesses to do what they do best…business! I commit to be an advocate for pro-growth legislation and the ability of the North Carolina businessman and businesswoman to freely work to achieve the American dream.

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