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Barrow Releases New Television Ad


Location: Augusta, GA

U.S. Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) is out with a new ad in his re-election campaign for Georgia's 12th Congressional District. The new ad, "You Count," will begin running today.

"Folks in Washington don't like that I'm independent," said Congressman Barrow. "I've stood with Republicans to protect our Second Amendment rights, and I've stood with Democrats to block plans to privatize Medicare. I'll work with anyone, in either party, if it'll help the folks in the 12th District. Working in a bipartisan fashion isn't just the right way to do things, it's the only way to actually get anything done."

A full transcript of the ad is below:

John Barrow: I'm John Barrow. Some people like me. Some people don't.

Kemp Jones collects guns. He likes my "A" rating with the NRA. Democrats in Washington don't.

Jimmy Johnson likes that I voted against the plan to privatize Medicare. Republicans in Washington don't.

Gail Webster like that I voted against the Wall Street Bailout. Both Parties were wrong on that one.

I approved this message because folks in Washington don't like me being independent, but you're the one who counts.

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