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Thompson Tours Racine Switch Development Corp., Promotes National Manufacturing Day


Location: Racine, WI

Today, former governor Tommy Thompson visited Racine based Reed Switch Development Corp., a manufacturer of custom magnetic switch sensors, in a dual celebration of the company's 45th anniversary and National Manufacturing Day.

"Congratulations to Reed Switch for 45 years of continued success here in Wisconsin," said Thompson. "It is no wonder that there would be an entire day dedicated to celebrating the success of America's manufacturers: They are the backbone of our economy. Manufacturers like Reed Switch create well-paying, middle-class jobs for folks in Wisconsin, and it is vital that Washington works for them, not against.

"While Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin continues to push a job-killing agenda of higher taxes and more regulation, I will fight to cut tax rates for America's job creators by reducing corporate tax rates, extending the Republican tax cuts and opposing measures like cap-and-trade. As governor, I implemented pro-growth policies that broke the shackles that bound job creators. My policies helped create more than 740,000 jobs, including 94,000 in manufacturing, in the state. I did it here in Wisconsin, and will do it again in Washington, D.C."

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