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Tommy Thompson Releases Latest Television Ad, "Lying"


Location: Madison, WI

Today, the Tommy Thompson campaign released its newest television ad, "Lying." The ad debunks Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin's baseless claims against Thompson's record. It also exposes her extreme agenda, which included a $3,000 tax increase on the middle class.

"Wisconsinites have the right to know that Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has been telling a litany of lies throughout this election," said Tommy Thompson. "When it comes to hard-working middle-class families, my opponent says one thing while her record indicates another. Baldwin even stood to the left of President Obama on raising taxes on the middle class, voting against the 2010 tax compromise and opting to raise taxes on every family by $3,000. Her vote would have hit Wisconsin's lowest earners with a 15 percent increase in taxes.

"As governor, I cut taxes 91 times, saving Wisconsin taxpayers $16 billion. If elected, I will continue to stand up for the middle class by ensuring that Congress maintains the current tax rates and simplifies the tax code. I did it in Wisconsin, and middle-class families can trust me to do it again in Washington, D.C."


(Thompson) I'm Tommy Thompson, and I approve this message.

(Narrator) Tammy Baldwin and her allies are lying about Tommy Thompson.

Tommy's record: job growth, tax cuts, BadgerCare for families in need.

Baldwin supports a massive middle class tax increase that President Obama says would be devastating.

(President Obama) If that had come to pass, the average middle class family would have had to pay an extra 3,000 in taxes next year.

(Narrator) Tammy Baldwin, too liberal for Pelosi and Obama, too extreme for Wisconsin

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