They Won't Even Talk: Political Elite, Corporate Elite, Media Elite, Union Elite, Financial Elite United in Support of Status Quo

Press Release

By:  Kurt Bills
Date: Sept. 28, 2012
Location: Bloomington, MN

"There are great unions, corporations, banks and media men and women in this state and country…and then there are the elite who have been feeding on taxpayers and the partisan favour factory for years," said Kurt Bills, dues-paying member of Education Minnesota. Kurt was not even screened by his teachers union before they endorsed his opponent Amy Klobuchar. This is yet another example of how the elites have united to preserve their power in the face of an anti-establishment candidate.

Bills, who still teaches his first-hour economics class at Rosemount High School, gets emails nearly each school day from Education Minnesota during instructional time urging him and his colleagues to volunteer for DFL candidates. Literature supporting Amy Klobuchar is liberally distributed in teachers' lounges, and has even found its way home in some kids' backpacks from their classrooms.

Bills served on the K-12 finance committee in the Minnesota House, and his early graduation achievement scholarship program is now law. Yet Education Minnesota, his union, did not even extend the courtesy of interviewing him before they endorsed. In 2010 election races in the state, they only endorsed 3 GOP candidates.

"The elites are united in support of maintaining the status quo. Americans are hurting. In the last few years household income has dropped 8.2%, long-term unemployment is the highest since the great depression, and home prices have dropped like a rock," said Bills.

"There are now 38 kids in my classroom," said Bills. "Federal programs and unfunded mandates haven't reduced class sizes or improved performance. What we need right now is a functioning economy that would provide the tax base to reduce class sizes," Bills said. "We need leaders in education policy that will make sure that resources are spent as close to the student as possible. As an 18 year veteran public school teacher I haven't seen any value add to my classroom from Democrat or Republican administrations in Washington D.C. We need an independent voice that will stand up for the kids…not just want to stand next to them for a photo op."

"Education policy is a passion of mine. I live it every day. As a teacher I know what works, I know what matters, and I have seen countless programs come and go having accomplished nothing but filling the coffers of the establishment."

"They don't even want to talk about the issues that matter," Bills concluded.

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