Bills: Klobuchar Helped Contributor, Let Others Fail

Press Release

By:  Kurt Bills
Date: Oct. 5, 2012
Location: Bloomington, MN

The Kurt Bills campaign is coming out swinging against Amy Klobuchar's commercial "Saved," in which she brags that her intervention for Paul Walser helped save his dealerships from being closed by government-owned General Motors.

Bills' web advertisement points out that Klobuchar voted for the TARP program under which the government took over GM, and that it was the government that was threatening to close his dealerships. Klobuchar, in other words, had helped create the problem she then helped solve through political intervention.


Walser in turn contributed the maximum allowed by law to her campaign--something he had not done before. He is also endorsing her for reelection.

Other dealerships without the political connections of Walser--most in greater Minnesota--did not get the help from Klobuchar. Klobuchar at the time specifically pointed out the profitability of Walser's dealerships as a reason to save them. This is exactly what is meant by the term "crony capitalism," where the government gets to decide who profits and who doesn't in the economy.

The ad also takes a shot at the press, which has not investigated the relationship between political connections and economic favoritism in this case--despite the fact that this is one of only two ads Klobuchar is running to make her case for reelection.

"Crony capitalism is ruining this country, and is one of the reasons I am running for office. Klobuchar is bragging about her support of crony capitalism, in which government bails out the big banks and big businesses, and lets the little guy fail," said Kurt Bills.

"Where is the media? They are ignoring Klobuchar's record and even the substance of Klobuchar's campaign. Klobuchar is bragging about her support of the Budget Control Act, which created the "fiscal cliff' everybody is worried about. She is running on crony capitalism, which is destroying our economy. She is running on Obamacare, which is ruining our health care system and driving up costs. The press ignores her record and her campaign themes, never asking the hard questions. It's as if the campaign is a popularity contest and not about the future of our country," Bills concluded.

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