Norm Dicks Statement on the 6 Month Continuing Resolution


By:  Norm Dicks
Date: Sept. 10, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rep. Norm Dicks made the following comments regarding the continuing resolution to fund the government for the next 6 months:

"This stop-gap measure will keep the government operating at a rate consistent with what we agreed to in last year's bipartisan Budget Control Act. As I've said all along, it was inevitable that we would return here and I regret that we spent the greater portion of this year considering appropriations bills that didn't comply with that hard fought agreement.

"Regardless, I joined with Chairman Rogers in passing appropriations bills and restoring regular order. I can't stress enough how important it is that Congress return to consider regular appropriations bills. A continuing resolution does not provide the guidance federal programs need to operate effectively.

"However, I am happy to report that no additional partisan or special interest riders have been added to this CR. Although I would much prefer to be considering an omnibus bill, this is truly a bipartisan product and I urge my colleagues to support it."

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