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Economic Development Summit


Location: Washington, DC

Hello. This is your congressman, Michael Burgess. I'm here on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University and as you can see the number one ranked and Tier I list of prestigious universities in U.S. World and News Report. We finished up our Economic Development Summit today. The eighth one we've done down here in southeast Fort Worth.

Southeast Fort Worth is an important part of the district. It is a part of the district that, unfortunately, I will not retain after the redistricting. So, today's summit was extremely important. But it fits into the overall picture of what's happening in our country. Certainly, our economic situation in the United States today is not where we all want it to be. This summit today, in southeast Fort Worth, brought to highlight some of the jobs and economic opportunities as they exist in our district.

Look, four years ago in southeast Fort Worth, I was really concerned because if the economy was on a downturn this part of the community might be hurt worse than some of the others. The fact of the matter is that economic activity has not only continued, it has increased over the last four years, and I take that as a very positive sign for our economy overall.

It's no accident that we are here on the campus of the university. Obviously, young people who are continuing their education today are going to play a vital role in the re-establishment of our economic prosperity, and I'm grateful that several of the students have availed themselves on the information that's been here today.

We've talked about some of the economic developments that have gone over the past eight years - how we've been able to bring the power of some of the economic data that was made available to the city council and the city council made available to entrepreneurs who might want their to locate in the area. It has all been a positive experience. And lastly we heard from the people of the new VA clinic that opened just two years ago that is now providing an excellent service to our veterans who are so deserving of that facility, as well.

It's been a good experience doing these economic development summits in southeast Fort Worth, and certainly I've learned a lot over the past eight years in conducting the summit. I'm very grateful for the people of the area who've participated and have gone above and beyond to make these summits such a great success.

As always, may God bless the United States of America, and may God bless Texas.

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