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Hold the IRS' Feet to the Fire

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, it's time for Americans to know the truth about the abuse of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars, especially at a time when the President is calling for tax increases.

The issue I'm talking about is IRS action that puts billions of taxpayer dollars at risk. Currently, the IRS allows individuals without a Social Security number to get cash benefits--like the $1,000 refundable child tax credit which is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars--by obtaining an individual taxpayer identification number, or ITIN.

A recent IG report revealed a shocking scandal within the IRS that encouraged employees to fast track ITIN approval without regard to preventing fraud. The ITIN has become a ticket to get cash from Uncle Sam, and this is wrong.

I'm introducing the ITIN Reform Act to hold the IRS' feet to the fire to better protect the American taxpayer, and I urge all my colleagues to support this bill.

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