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Cohen Statement on GOP Refusing to Vote on Tax Provisions to Help Tennesseeans


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today issued the following statement after the second straight fiscal year in which the Republican-led House of Representatives failed to pass critical legislation that would have renewed dozens of expiring tax provisions. These provisions include important personal tax deductions such as Tennesseeans' ability to deduct sales taxes as well as tax credits that create jobs and spur economic development. Republican Leadership has recessed the House until November 13:

"I'm disappointed Republicans have decided to stop working for the next 52 days without first considering vital tax legislation. Extending these tax benefits would help thousands of families in Memphis, Tennessee, and across the country during one of the most difficult financial times our country has ever faced.

I'm disappointed that the "Do-Nothing Republican House Majority' has decided that it is more important to return to their districts to campaign than to actually do something productive. Our country cannot afford the economic uncertainty that will result from Congress remaining idle for another six weeks. The American people are counting on us to keep moving the nation forward for jobs, economic recovery, and a stronger middle class. Instead of recessing yet again, the House should remain at work and pass critical legislation that will create jobs for the middle class."

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