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Issue Position: Education Should Be Paramount in Our Society

Issue Position

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We must revamp our Education System. Nevada is currently rated number fiftieth in the nation in the quality of our education system. Our teachers are a long way from being paid on a par with the private sector. It is my plan to institute a system to pay teachers on results, not on tenure. This must be done by revamping our collective bargaining agreements, making them completely open to the public. It is essential that public schools be able to compete with the private sector in attracting top talent without breaking our state budget for education. We must also loosen some requirements for retired professionals to be able to teach, at least on a part time basis, in order to give our students some real world experience.

"It takes a Village." Sometimes even the oldest cliches are correct. In my opinion, control of our schools should be returned to the local level, where parents are in closer touch with those responsible for their children's education. I am also a big fan of school vouchers. Vouchers create competition between the schools as they vie for their share of the taxpayer's money. The end result is a leaner budget and better education. We all must remember that education begins at home. A strong family unit will do more to instill values and work ethics in our children than any school system could possibly hope to.

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