Security Concerns Leading up to Benghazi Attacks


By:  Pat Meehan
Date: Oct. 6, 2012
Location: Unknown

It was announced this week that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing next week examining the events leading up to the attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four U.S. diplomats including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Read more here. I look forward to participating in the hearing. There are serious concerns about why repeated requests for additional security for diplomats in Libya were turned down. The Committee is looking to understand the facts and help ensure our diplomats around the world have the necessary security. I will be a guest on Fox News tonight at 9:00 p.m. to discuss this issue.

Additionally, on Monday I spoke with KYW radio about the recent cyber attacks on U.S. banks: Concern Among Lawmakers As Banks Are Targeted By Cyber Attacks (KYW Newsradio, October 2). A report out this week questioned the effectiveness of Homeland Security intelligence "fusion centers" throughout the U.S., including in Philadelphia.

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