The Squeeze on Working People


By:  Larry Kissell
Date: Oct. 5, 2012
Location: Unknown

Our area was hard hit long before the current recession began. Bad trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA rolled through Washington and the broken promises of politicians past took with them so many of our jobs and industry that called our area home. Today, we've seen some jobs return, but the unfair trade policies in Washington have continued. We've been able to push back some on China and other nations that break the rules and cheat in order to beat us, but we must push even stronger and keep the pressure on all who work to skirt our laws and hurt our economy.

While we see industries moving overseas, we also face the growing loss of jobs here in America due to illegal immigration. People are breaking laws right here at home in order to take a job that could be going to a law abiding American citizen. This two-sided threat leaves workers right in the middle of this squeeze, faced with the threat of lost wages or employment opportunities dwindling as the number of people crossing our borders and cutting in line rise. We need to address the unfair trade imbalance that continues to grow and we need to secure our borders before any further discussions of immigration reform are to take place. We don't need to change the rules on our workers now--we need to enforce the rules we have and give them their fair shot.

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