Issue Position: Property Taxes

Issue Position

By:  Joe Emrick
Date: Oct. 10, 2012
Location: Unknown

"For nearly two decades, Harrisburg ignored our pleas for real property tax relief. Today, I am happy to say we are making progress. While the problem didn't occur overnight and won't be solved overnight, I am committed to fighting for as long and as hard as it takes to help our communities."

Fighting for Property Tax Relief

Giving Local Taxpayers a Stronger Voice

Joe successfully fought for the first significant property tax relief law in nearly 20 years -- "The Taxpayer Protection Act." Thanks to this law, taxpayers will have a stronger voice in controlling property tax increases because school boards must put property tax increases on the ballot for approval in more instances than ever before.

Fighting for Fair Funding

Joe continues to fight to change the state's unfair school funding formula to one that is fair to the people of Northampton County. Instead of a confusing formula that has short-changed our schools, his plan would provide funding to all schools across the state based on the number of students they educate.

Use Gaming Money as Promised

Joe voted for bipartisan legislation in the state House that would require 100% of table games revenue to be used for property tax relief across the state. This legislation now awaits action in the state Senate.

Working to Reduce Costs for School Districts and Local Government

Joe knows property tax relief isn't just about providing more money to schools and local governments -- it's about controlling the costs they pay. That's why he supports property tax relief legislation that would allow school districts to opt-out of costly prevailing wage requirements on publicly-funded construction projects; prevailing wage can add up to 30% in costs for taxpayers.

Pushing for Mandate Relief

Joe will continue to push for mandate relief to reduce the burden placed on local governments and school districts to pay for things for which they receive no state funding; this would help reduce unfair costs for taxpayers

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