Issue Position: Spending

Issue Position

By:  Joe Emrick
Date: Oct. 10, 2012
Location: Unknown

"In 2011, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania faced a choice: rein in the out of control spending of the previous eight years or face massive tax increases. I listened to your concerns and did as I promised by focusing spending on priorities, reducing debt and avoiding a tax increase when the people of our state could least afford it."

Real Fiscal Discipline

As our State Representative, Joe did what he promised he would by bringing fiscal discipline to state government and making sure Pennsylvania spends only what it can afford -- by focusing spending on the priorities we care about. His commitment to fiscal discipline has helped ensure that Pennsylvania again stands on a strong financial foundation.

- In 2010, Joe responsibly closed a $4 Billion budget deficit without raising taxes and -- for the first time in decades -- the state spent less than the year before.

- Joe focused the budget on education -- in particular, when the Governor proposed reductions in education funding that went too deep, Joe stood with local families and said, "No." Thanks to his bipartisan efforts, Pennsylvania today commits more state tax dollars to basic education than ever before.

- Joe helped reduce and eliminate state debt to reduce the burden we place on future generations. He closed a $4 Billion budget deficit, passed reforms to the state's borrowing laws that saved taxpayers $1 Billion, and refinanced debt owed to the federal government to save even more.

Of course, while important steps to instill fiscal discipline have been taken, Joe knows there is still more we can do to address the things that drive up costs in state and local government. That's why he is committed to pushing for mandate relief that will help reduce spending for local governments and school districts, as well as supporting important public pension reforms.

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