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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Our public education system is the foundation for our future and we MUST make the necessary investments

Fund our early-education programs that gives our youth a jump start towards achievement

Reward teachers and administrators when they improve student achievement

Encourage successful charter schools with funding linked with high-quality accountability standards

Train students for specific employment opportunities with industries through our community college system


Our educational system is the foundation of our society and it will be a major focus of my time in the General Assembly. There are workable solutions to enhance student achievement, parent and teacher cooperation, and school accountability. North Carolina is the birthplace of the first public university in our nation. It has been a leader in education and I plan to fight to keep it that way.

We must make the investments in our children's future to prepare them for the jobs of the 21st century. We cannot cut our way to achievement.

We prepare our students by recruiting and retaining the best teachers around.

We must pay them a competitive salary and reward them appropriately when their students achieve.

The simple things: We must invest in their classrooms, so that teachers don't have to come out of their pockets to pay for school supplies.

We prepare our children for the future by investing in programs revolving around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics- the fastest growing sector for job growth for our communities will be the biotech industry.

We must develop programs from elementary school to community college to emphasize the skills necessary to compete for these jobs.

We must develop programs to retrain our current workforce in order for them to be able to compete for these jobs.

State dropout rate 3.43%, Vance 5.55% (129 students), Granville 5.32% (150 students) Warren 3.9% (32 students)

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