Unemployment Rate Drops, Minimal Jobs Added


By:  Brett Guthrie
Date: Oct. 5, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) today issued the following statement on the September unemployment report which saw a drop to 7.8 percent, and only 114,000 new jobs:

"While the national unemployment rate dropped slightly, the dismal number of new jobs created is proof that unemployed individuals continue to give up their search for work, and that job creation and economic growth remains sluggish.

"Vice President Biden was absolutely right when he said that middle class America has been buried the last four years. It is time to pursue policies that lessen the financial and regulatory burdens of doing business.

"Earlier today I visited Dunaway Lumber in Fordsville and later today I will visit Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. in Owensboro for national Manufacturing Day. It is important to visit these facilities and learn about the challenges they face as well as their hopes for the future. Manufacturing is a critical industry in today's economy and a loss of 16,000 jobs is unacceptable."

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