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Issue Position: Women's Health Care

Issue Position


Women understand the impact of the health care decisions they make for themselves and their families. Let's be frank. I hate abortion. All women hate abortion. It is a lifelong decision that is disasterous for everyone. The reality of this moral decision has nothing to do with whether the Government should ever be in a place to force the decision for or against abortion on any woman.

In the United States we think that handing this decision over to the Government means only that abortion will be illegal. Sen. Curtis's job has taken her all over the world, including to China, where the Government does decide whether women will have abortions and that intrusion into abortion is just the opposite. An abortion was forced on a woman who had a term pregnancy recently in China because she could not pay the exorbitant tax required to have a second child. No Government can be allowed to force its will on women and their health care decisions. In the United States of America, people have to live with the moral decisions they make. Sen. Curtis believes very strongly that the Government should never ever have a place to decide women's health care issues.

Sen. Curtis's opponent believes the opposite and has been endorsed by the groups whose sole mission is to put the Government into the position to decide women's healthcare rights. This is another very important distinction between Sen. Curtis and her opponent and another reason why she is running to keep her seat in the Senate. A woman's right to make her own decisions about her healthcare must be protected, and the Government kept out.

There are exactly 7 women in the New Mexico State Senate. Sen. Curtis needs your support to assure at least 7 women remain in the Senate to protect women's fundamental health care rights.

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