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Issue Position: Strengthening Education

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People move into our District for the schools. We have the best schools in the State. Unfortunately, we still have problems that are keeping our children from being competitive. In the good High School in my District, parents report to me that there have been chemistry classes with 42 kids. There are not even enough places to sit, let alone lab space to work. I have Kindergarten teachers that live in my District that report they have 27 children in Kindergarten. Being the mother of four - I know what its like to have 27 five and six year olds at a birthday party. How is any teacher supposed to help a child who may be a genius in math, but struggles in reading, and vice versa in a class of 27 Kindergartners? Our classrooms are over-crowded.

All educational experts and educational research agree that one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor that determines whether a child learns is the size of their class. Whether it is Kindergarten or Chemistry our kids are not getting the education we are paying for with our tax dollars. The money existed this Session in the Budget to fix class-size, but over my objection a Bill was passed and signed by the Governor waiving class-size requirements! This is unacceptable. I have worked hard since then to create consensus to fix class-size in our schools. I have good, solid support with important members of the Legislature and will build support to fix class-size this Session. I can get this done.

In my first Session I was able to get a significant Bill passed through two Senate Committees, the Senate Floor and two House Committees without a single negative vote. All Republican and Democrats in the Senate and in the House Committees voted for my Bill, because it was a good Bill. Requiring reasonable class-sizes is mandatory and a good Bill. Reducing class-size improves results. This also keeps our tax dollars in the classroom where they belong educating our kids.

This will be a major improvement in the current state of education in our State. It is inscribed in the Library of Congress that "A State's Character is Judged by the Education of Its Youth". The overall character of our State must improve. Education change is an important part of the change in character. With your help and support I will get class-size changed, and education improved now!

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