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President Obama the Food Stamp King


Location: Washington, DC

According to the latest data released from the USDA, the number of persons and households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) increased between June 2012 and July 2012. For the eleventh month in a row, food stamp enrollment remained above 46 million. Data are delayed by two months.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who serves on both the House Agriculture and Budget Committees, issued the following statement about the latest release from USDA:

"President Obama remains the Food Stamp President. Under his watch, enrollment on food stamps (SNAP) has grown by 46 percent and monthly federal spending has skyrocketed by 72 percent. This is no accomplishment for a President who promised that he would have the economy back on track in three years. Instead, it is a testament to the failure of the Obama Economy that the number of people on food stamps continues to grow month after month. Progress should be measured by the extent to which people are less dependent on the government, not by the extent to which Washington has to hand out more borrowed money."

"Food stamps are supposed to be a temporary safety net, not a permanent and tightly-woven blanket that lasts for years. But, too many Americans have suffered for too long and are now suffocated in that blanket of dependency. Families across this nation continue to struggle, and it is time for a new approach in Washington. President Obama has no one to blame but himself for ignoring the very obvious solutions to America's economic stagnancy. It is time to realize that revving America's economic engine means reducing taxes, scaling back overregulation, and undoing ObamaCare so that businesses can actually have a little bit of certainty in order to create jobs."

"With recent revelations of fraud and abuse, there is room to transform and target SNAP without taking a single calorie off the plate of one deserving person. With the 2008 Farm Bill now expired and the 2012 Farm Bill unfinished, it would be foolish for Washington to leave food stamp spending untouched when it accounts for more than 80 percent of the Farm Bill."

During the House Agriculture Committee markup of the 2012 Farm Bill Congressman Huelskamp offered a common sense amendment to transform and target food stamp spending and double the savings to taxpayers. The amendment was voted down despite being agreed to by the entire Committee weeks earlier when it advanced reconciliation priorities that ultimately passed the entire House. Additionally, Congressman Huelskamp is the lead sponsor the State Nutrition Assistance Flexibility Act to combine the 6 food welfare programs contained within the Farm Bill into a single block grant to the states.

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