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Huelskamp: Overregulation, Tax Hikes, ObamaCare Causing Tremendous Uncertainty


Location: Hutchison, KS

On Tuesday, Kansas First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp toured two businesses in McPherson, Kan. and one in Hutchinson, Kan. He made stops at American Maplan Corporation (whose parent company is Battenfield-Cincinnati-USA) and Nations Pizza Plant in McPherson and Eaton Corporation's Hydraulics Power Motion Controls Division in Hutchinson. At each location, Congressman Huelskamp met with managers and employees to learn about each business's operations as well as to receive feedback about policy priorities.

"As I have heard from employers of varying sizes and industries, Washington has to stop playing games that use businesses as political pawns and weapons," Congressman Huelskamp said. "Uncertainty in the form of overregulation, tax hikes, and ObamaCare is causing fear in the men and women who risk everything in order to create jobs and prosperity. Washington has to avoid throwing America off the fiscal cliff, and that begins with getting spending under control, stopping the single-largest tax increase at the beginning of the next year, and wiping ObamaCare off the books and replacing it with a more patient-centered, market-driven solution. Even before ObamaCare is fully implemented, many Kansas businesses are already starting to see their premiums go through the roof; imagine what will happen once it goes into full effect."

"While Kansas is weathering this multi-year economic downturn better than other places, our businesses -- large and small alike -- will not be forever immune from Washington's misdeeds. Ultimately, the costs of Washington's runaway spending and trillion-dollar-plus annual deficits are going to be laid upon the job creators and workers in Kansas. We cannot afford to ignore the immediate opportunity to fix these problems now."

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