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Kansas Kids Do It Again!


Location: Unknown

We received word this week of yet another student-created video about the school lunch mandates. Students at Rolla High School released "The HUNGER Games - A Parody of the 2012 School Lunch Program" (view below) to explain how the Obama Administration's new mandates are leaving them hungry and turning toward unhealthier alternatives for nourishment.

Just like the kids in Sharon Springs who produced the "We Are Hungry' video, Rolla students are unwilling to stand idly by while America's Nutrition Nannies starve them in the cafeteria. It is an exciting and creative display of activism to see students across Kansas and across the nation point out the flaws with the Obama Administration's new mandates that are filling school cafeteria trash cans rather than students' stomachs. Students like these -- in consultation with their parents and their school administrators -- should be trusted to make their own decisions about what will be served in cafeterias and what they will eat. There is absolutely no role whatsoever for the Obama Administration to dictate exactly what goes on the plates of more than 31 million students every single day.

On a related note, I issued a challenge to USDA to enact the school lunch mandates in its own cafeterias. After all, if USDA justifies its mandates on the fact that kids are eating taxpayer-subsidized lunches, then taxpayers should demand the same of USDA because its cafeterias operate in taxpayer funded buildings and because taxpayers subsidize the health care of federal bureaucrats.

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