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National Bullying Prevention Month


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Dear Friends,

This month marks the seventh annual National Bullying Prevention Month. It's a time when children, teens, adults, schools, and communities work together to raise awareness of bullying prevention.

Bullying is a widespread issue that affects students and schools across the country. Over 150,000 students miss school every day from fear of being bullied. Additionally, slightly over half of all students have witnessed a bullying crime take place at school. As a former Florida certified teacher, I realize how big of an issue bullying is in our schools, and the effects can last a lifetime.

As technology continues to advance, bullies have more opportunities to torment their victims. It is important to prevent cyber bullying by being aware of the potential online threats and by reporting any bullying or threats you may find. Cyber-bullying continues to grow due to the presence of social media websites. There are many forms of cyber-bully and even though the victim cannot see their bully, the effects are just as detriment.

Students are not the only ones who can be a victim of bullying. Anyone, no matter their age, can be a victim of a bullying crime. Every American deserves to live without being persecuted or harassed. No one has the right to victimize others based upon their gender, race, age, ethnicity, creed, or sexual orientation. This is why some of my Congressional colleagues and I recently established the Anti-Bullying Caucus. This newly launched group will help shed light on the realities of bullying and its consequences. We will work to provide a forum and voice for everyone who has been affected by bullying. The Anti-Bullying Caucus will work toward protecting all individuals who are victims of any form of harassment. Also, we hope to work toward uncovering all forms of bullying and making it possible for the victims to come forward.

While October has been designated National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, bullies do not stop when the calendar turns. We must all work together, if we hope to deter and defeat bullying. Bullying should not and will not be tolerated. To find more information on how to help prevent bullying please visit:


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Member of Congress

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