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Issue Position: Environment

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

As your representative, Tim has fought for much needed open space in congested East Cambridge, blocked Boston University from limiting public access to the Charles River, and helped to create and expand new parkland in Northpoint. He has supported policies that have brought us closer to seeing the Green Line Extension built in Somerville, and under his leadership, the MBTA has begun construction on Assembly Square Station--the T's first new subway station in 25 years.

Endorsements and Recognition

Tim has received the endorsement of the Massachusetts Sierra Club and earned a score of 103% on the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters 2009-2010 legislator scorecard.

The Sierra Club endorsed his leadership in successfully opposing the proposed use of the Grand Junction rail line for commuter train traffic.

Tim's Priorities:

Energy-Efficient Government Buildings

Tim spearheaded an initiative with the Cambridge Energy Alliance to reduce the carbon footprint of Cambridge's municipal buildings and to harness sustainable sources of energy. Tim is also a co-sponsor of H.369, a bill that would promote energy efficiency in affordable housing through a $5 million grant program.

Consumer Choice of Responsibly Produced Electricity

Tim filed House Bill H.889, a bill that would require electric companies to provide consumers with the option of purchasing electricity that is produced by renewable methods. The goal of this legislation is to promote electricity produced by wind, solar, and other renewable means by providing every consumer in Massachusetts the opportunity to easily choose where the electricity they purchase comes from.

Reducing Harmful Waste

Tim is a co-sponsor of the Safer Alternatives Bill, a piece of legislation that would promote the use of less-toxic and non-toxic chemicals. This measure would not only protect our drinking water and water shed areas from contamination, but also protect workers from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals by limiting their exposure to them.

Tim is also a co-sponsor of H.1163, which would require manufacturers of mercury-added lamps to institute a recycling program for those lamps, and of H.1990, a bill that would require retailers to use compostable plastic bags at checkout.

Green Line Extension

Tim has worked extensively with colleagues at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that the Green Line Extension through Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford is completed by the 2015 deadline set by the Commonwealth. The Green Line Extension will help to decrease both traffic and air pollution in the affected areas.

The neighborhoods touched by the Green Line Extension are the most densely populated part of the country without access to a subway line. When the Green Line Extension is completed, drivers traveling through our communities will travel 25,000 fewer miles per day. And while the project faces delays, Tim will continue to be heavily involved in advocating for funding solutions that will ensure its completion.

Bottle Bill

Tim has been a long-time advocate for reforming and updating the Bottle Bill. The original Bottle Bill, which was passed by the Massachusetts Legislature in the 1980s, has contributed significantly to the high percentage of beverage containers that are recycled in Massachusetts. This reduces litter on our streets and the amount of waste that is buried in landfills. Since the 1980s, a number of new types of drinks have been introduced into the market that were not included in the original legislation. The new Bottle Bill would expand the original law to cover fruit juices, teas, and sports drinks that are sold in bottles that can be recycled, but currently do not have a deposit.

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